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Linux VPS(OS - Linux - Cent OS 6.9/7.6/ Ubuntu 16.04)
PLAN Specification PRICE
LI-SD2A3 1 Core, 2GB RAM, 30GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth 1740/ mo
LI-SD4B6 2 Core, 4GB RAM, 60GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth 2880/ mo
LI-SD8D10 4 Core, 8GB RAM, 100GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth 5100/ mo
LI-SD12D12 4 Core, 12GB RAM, 120GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth 6560/ mo
LI-SD16D16 4 Core, 16GB RAM, 160GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth 8080/ mo
LI-SD16F22 6 Core, 16GB RAM, 220GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth 8960/ mo

Features of Linux VPS

Ultra Performance

VPS Gives the highest performance for computational programming, huge database access, Dynamic web applications, demon process and backup/restore processes.

Take a Snapshots

The VPS is based on KVM and you can take a snapshot to restore easily.

Discounted SSL and Dedicated IP Address

The SSL certificate and dedicated IP address are most useful to increase security, reduce spamming and improve SEO

Easy to use Control Panels

The complete system administration is very tough and not possible by a single skilled person, Take an advantage of highly popular panels with a legal license. cPanel/WHM are available as an add-on for Linux server and Plesk onyx for windows server.

Choice of Operating Systems

Get Operating System of your choice. Linux - CENT OS 7.6, CENT OS 6.9, UBUNTU 16.04, UBUNTU 17.04 and Windows -WINDOWS SERVER 2012R2 STANDARD (64 BIT)

Monitoring as a guardian

Monitoring features are available and you will be notified suddenly, you can monitor all your services, CPU utilization, memory consumption, and security.

Advanced Features of Linux Virtual Private Server

Ready Deployable environment with easy to use control panels

Save your valuable time using cPanel and Plesk, it provides ready to code environment, 1 click installation and upgrade of cms like WordPress, Joomla Magento etc. Do easy administration using cPanel or Plesk from a single window.

Be a hosting provider

cPanel/WHM and Plesk panel provides central control with full administration rights over customers and resellers, create plans and packages and sell your customers or resellers from root access, get benefit by adding more plugins, securities, and timely notifications

Unlimited Traffic with high speed

All plans are available with unlimited bandwidth and minimum 100Mbps speed, there is no more cost for extra usage. Dedicated lines with 1Gbps are available for ultra-high speed.

Fully Managed solutions

We provide fully managed solutions as per the applications those you require. Will suggest the best suitable plan, set up for you, make it deployable and take care of it in terms of snapshots, backups, and monitoring. We set firewalls rules and os hardening.

Go with our consultation

Fully Managed servers with 24/7 dedicated support on your choice of application, we make full secure, safe and high-performance bunch using our checklist which includes dedicated IP per domain, SSL security, firewall setup, auto backup, increase performance by clearing dump files and killing processes, file and directory permissions, snapshots and monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Linux Virtual Private Server is an isolated server environment created after partitioning a physical server into multiple virtual servers with each server having its own share of dedicated resources like CPU, memory and disk space. Each VPS is absolutely ‘private’ from the other servers sharing the same host node and each one functions just like any other regular server with root SSH access. With multiple Linux Virtual Private Servers functioning from one physical server, the operating costs are significantly reduced which in turn makes VPS hosting an affordable alternative to having your own dedicated server.

The three primary points of interest that accompany VPS Hosting are: Complete Isolation: Your VPS bundle and its applications stay unaffected independent of what another clients does on the server
Root Access: This enables you to introduce any perfect utilization of your decision
Ensured Resources: Irrespective of any circumstance, the CPU, RAM, HDD and data transmission that have been designated to your bundle will consistently be accessible for your applications.

We use Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM).

Truly. Our VPS servers are versatile. This implies you can update your current arrangement whenever and immediately. Be that as it may, we don't bolster plan downsize.

Since you have full root get to, you can introduce any product that is perfect on your VPS bundle. Notwithstanding, any product that disregards our Acceptable Usage Policy won't be permitted.

Yes. We offer cPanel & Plesk as the hosting panels that you can use on your servers. cPanel & Plesk are auto-installed, if they are added during the server purchase.

Our Linux VPS doesn't accompany GUI as a matter of course, yet we can introduce it for you and empower the VNC get to in the event that you present a help demand. You can likewise introduce GUI without anyone else through SSH.

When you pursue the ideal VPS facilitating bundle, the arrangement procedure will be attempted immediately by our group. You can begin utilizing your virtual server immediately after accepting the server and control board logins.

We don't have any backup solution right now. However, we emphatically prescribe that you keep up a remote reinforcement through cPanel or Plesk to maintain a strategic distance from any issues during a disastrous episode.

Servers are dropped toward the finish of each charging period or promptly relying upon what the clients wants. Client is required to make a dropping solicitation at any rate 72 hours before their recharging date to guarantee it very well may be prepared in time. After a server is dropped all client information is erased and you won't have the option to recoup it on the off chance that you choose to reactivate later on.

Yes you can, please open a ticket on our helpdesk for further info.