Affiliate Program

Welcome To Our Affiliate Program!

We now bring to you an Affiliate Program. We offer you an additional way to earn from your website. As a token of appreciation, you will earn 15% commission payment for each sale. This program is free to sign up and no any hidden charges are applicable.

We are providing our services in different sectors in order to capture the small, medium and large scale of business, where now a day IT becomes an integral part.

How Does It Work?

When you join our Affiliate Program you can log in with your user-name & password and send a request to get your token. Our Affiliate software provides one token code, get this code and give it to your friends and customers. They will use this code at the time of purchasing product from our website. This activity will be tracked by our affiliate software and you will earn a commission based on your commission type.

Terms and conditions

1. Withdraw Affiliate commission after 10 days from request date.

2. Minimum 1,000.00 balance required for withdrawing.

3. You can use Affiliate commission for new purchases.

4. Affiliate codes may not apply to some products. (like Domain name registration)

5. Affiliate codes will not work for recursive amounts.

6. Affiliate commission may change as per company policies.

Free Sign Up
Commissions on every lead
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Withdraw balance any time
Use balance for new purchase
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