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Domain Transfer Process

The owner of the domain can transfer a domain from one service provider to another service provider. There are some reasons for transferring a domain from one to another service provider such as cost, support issues or minimum features. In fact, we have to do, so many things in order for transferring domain successfully.

Here are some things to remember for transferring domain. Follow the given steps.

1. First of all, login to Godaddy account and manage your domain settings:-

You should log in to our account then you can see there is one option “Manage” that gives more options for your domain transfer.

2. Unlock Your Domain Name:-

This is simple and something that you can do in your control panel. Basically, your domain cant is transferred it’s locked. So before initializing domain transfer unlock your domain lock.


At the bottom of additional settings, you will get all above options about domain transfers.

3. Get Your Authorization Code:-

As you see in the above image there is the third option in additional settings to get the authorization code.You will get auth code either in control panel of your current domain registrar or you can get auth code on your registered email address.

This code is also called as “auth code” or “EPP key”. Due to auth code an unauthorized or fraudulent domain transfer is not possible. likewise Without the auth code, you cant transfer domain successfully.

4. Turn off Domain privacy:-

For successful transfer of a domain, you should turn off privacy temporarily because your new registrar has to recognize that you are a legal owner of a domain. With privacy turned on, they can’t see that you are the real owner of the domain. After initiating the transfer process you can enable the domain privacy again.

5. Paste Auth code in control panel and send request for domain transfer likewise:-

Go to your control panel ->Transfer Domain, you can see the same window will appear as below. Copy your auth code and paste here and mention domain name and add to cart.

6. Approve your domain transfer:-

After you initiated the domain transfer in the control panel, you have to eventually approve it. That approve process starts with email approval. To get email is not enough for the domain transfer, You have actually got to click on the link to go transfer approval page to confirm your approval there.

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