How to install Free SSL Certificate on Plesk Control Panel

How to install Free SSL Certificate on Plesk Control Panel

The Web server provides different websites to make them accessible through web browsers. As we all aware about the threat attacks. So, its’ our responsiblity to ensure an protect our clinet’s data and provide security against the threat attcaks. In this present time of online payments and services, online businesses, security is vital.

Being, a good webmaster your job is to minimize the probable chances of threat attacks. Hence, we must take necessary things into account to keep website’s secure, trusted and more reliable. By making use of “SSL service” to secure website’s. This service gives the ability to install a free certificate on any websites. This not only encrypts the connection between website and browsers but also display’s website as trusted.

1. Firstly Check your website URL:-

For example, If our website URL indicates “http” it means our website is not secured by SSL certificate and if our URL indicates “https” that means our website is secured. SSL Certificate provides secure data transmission between browser and server.


2. Provide security to your website using Lets Encrypt service:-

Login into Plesk and click on sidebar Websites and Domains after that goto Hosting Settings. After going through these options your window will look like given below window.


In the Security Section, you have two options to enable and these two options are available to get your website secured.

SSL/TLS support:-

SSL/TLS protect sensitive data by encrypting the connection between client and server. To protect your website or mail it is recommended to use SSL/TLS certificate.

Permanent SEO-safe 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS:-

There is a method available for a domain if our website is not secured by https we can redirect our domain with 301 redirects. 301 redirect is permanent redirect which passes ranking power to the redirected page. This is the best method for implementing redirects on a website.

3. Go to Website & Domains and click on Lets Encrypt for more settings:-

Lets Encrypt authority allows you to create free SSL/TLS certificate for your domain. By clicking the  Install or Renew button you acknowledge that you have read and agree to Lets Encrypt Terms and service. 


4. After successful installation of SSL certificate:-

Once you have done with all settings of Website Hosting and Lets Encrypt Service. If you want to check your SSL installation is completed or not then go to another tab and enter subscription name. You will see this type of secured “https” URL. In conclusion, you have completed the successful installation of SSL.


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