How to add cron jobs in cPanel

How to add cron jobs in cPanel

Cron jobs are most important and useful aspects of cPanel. Basically, these are tasks scheduled to run at set intervals and times. These “jobs” can be scheduled via command line, but it is easier to do via cPanel .

For example, if you want to run a command on specific time like once a day or once a week, you can setup cron jobs. Cron jobs allow you to run specific command automatically.

1. Go to cron jobs page in cPanel:-

The first step is to log in to cPanel and scroll down till you find section “Advanced” and then select “Cron Jobs” or directly you can search in toolbar as shown here.

2. Choose E-mail settings:-

You have an option in cPanel to send e-mail whenever this particular cron job runs. It provides facility to keep track on commands. In the following section, enter email address it you want.

3. Choosing the schedule:-

This box allow you to select some common schedules for your job. You can get this by selecting one of the option. For example, if you want to choose to run command once a week with default settings.

4. Specifying the command:-

Once, you have scheduled your time then type the command you want to run into the box labeled “Command”.

Suppose you want to send mail at once in a week then by using this command you can send mail to that person. You have to add PHP script file in public_html.

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